Chapter 67: Chapter 67 Felt Like Home

The receptionist trembled in fear.
She had never seen such a big scene like this, so she said nervously, “It was a little boy, who is about four or five years old.
But I handed him over to Vice Manager Chen.”

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“Vice Manager Chen? Why did you take him to Vice Manager Chen? Didn’t he show you the special invitation from me? Didn’t he ask for me directly?” Lu Weijian was so angry that he was about to explode.

The receptionist trembled even more.
“Vice Manager Chen told me to go back to work.
I don’t dare disobey him.”

Vice Manager Chen was sweating profusely.
He didn’t expect that the boy was telling the truth.
Indeed, Lu Weijian was really waiting for him.

Well, who would have thought that a little boy would be invited by their second boss to talk about work? Wasn’t it difficult to believe?

He raised his hand, wiped the cold sweat off his forehead, and said, “I… I sent him out.
I was afraid that he would disturb our work.”

“Do you even realize what mistake you’ve made? He is the skilled hacker I’ve specially invited.
My brother wants him.
You’ve seen the invitation letter, haven’t you? Can you even read?”

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Vice Manager Chen was even more shocked.
“I’m so sorry.
I really didn’t expect that a little…”

“The youngest hacker genius in S Country is only thirteen years old.
Last year, the child who broke through Microsoft’s system and found a loophole was only five years old.
Age doesn’t matter! More importantly, he has my invitation letter.
But you shut him out because of your prejudice.

Vice Manager Chen’s shirt was now drenched in sweat.

Lu Weijian pointed at Hong Jie and shouted, “That’s him! Hurry, stop him!”

He also rushed outside.

But much to his dismay, he didn’t see the person he wanted to see.

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Lu Weijian knocked himself on the head in frustration.
He had only taken a break for a few seconds, and the hacker had already disappeared when he went out.

“Go check the surveillance footage!” he ordered furiously.

Weijian, here’s the video.” Hong Jie handed him a tablet computer.

Lu Weijian opened the video only to find out that it was totally blank during those times.

That was to say, that hacker had really come.
But after he left, he quickly broke into Lu Group’s monitoring system and deleted the video footage of his arrival.

The monitoring system was not a very important technical equipment, so its security was not complicated like the financial system.
Therefore, it was easy for him to break through it.

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Vice Manager Chen was completely dumbfounded when he saw the scene.
His legs became weak, and he sat on the floor with a thud.

Lu Weijian rushed upstairs and reported the whole incident to Lu Heting.

“Forget about it for the time being,” Lu Heting said flatly.

Perhaps what happened today was destined to happen.
Besides, things that come reluctantly are not necessarily good.

But Lu Weijian was still full of resentment.
He was so furious that he directly asked Vice Manager Chen to go to the finance department to get his salary and leave.

After work, Lu Heting went back to Su Bei’s apartment.
Aunt Chen and Su Bei were busy cooking in the kitchen when he arrived.

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Gun Gun was playing by himself, running back and forth in the house.

Such a scene warmed his heart.

Compared to Lu Hu International Villa, this place felt more like home.

Gun Gun ran towards him.
“Daddy! Bei Bei said that she made mango pomelo sago for me.
I can have it after dinner.”

Lu Heting’s gaze fell on the kitchen.
With her hair hanging down her forehead, Su Bei blushed and said with a smile, “Go wash your hands.
Dinner will be ready soon.”

Gun Gun looked at her lovingly and raised his hands.
“I have washed my hands.”

He blinked a few times when he remembered what Lu Heting said before he left this morning.
Then he said obediently, “Bei Bei, kiss me.”

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