Chapter 675: Stopped By Su Bei

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When she was in America the last time, didn’t the doctor say that she only had a mild gastric ulcer and the pain was normal?

Hence, whenever she was in pain, she would take medicine.

She had already thrown away the list of examinations that she had undergone in America the last time and did not bring it back.
It was really troublesome to keep those useless things.

Fang Yourong paused for a while before remembering that Su Bei did look familiar.
She seemed to have seen the name before.

However, she was too busy and had so many things to do every day.
Furthermore, Su Bei’s name was like a thunderclap in the entertainment industry, so it was normal to have heard her name.

Hence, Fang Yourong did not think too much about it.
If Su Bei came to test her again, she would definitely teach Su Bei a lesson!

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All the cast members were present except for the second male lead.

Wherever Su Bei passed, the people around would be stunned.
She was tall, had long legs, and was so beautiful that she looked free and easy.
No matter where she went, there was no lack of people looking at her.

However, some professional actors were not convinced by Su Bei.

Zhou Yao was the most displeased one among them.
As Fang Yourong’s junior from the same company and also the person Fang Yourong supported the most, her acting skills were quite good.

However, she had yet to become popular.

This time, they originally thought that they could get the second female lead role for her.
Who knew that they would be intercepted by someone like Su Bei?

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Her sarcasm was particularly harsh.
“Does she really think that she doesn’t need any acting skills to act in movies? Does she think she can simply play the role of Ni Huang just because she has the face and figure?”

The other cast members couldn’t help but murmur in agreement.
“That’s right.
Just be a model and go back to your own industry.”

Su Bei walked past them and did not even look at them.

Director Guo Feng trusted her.
Because she was too busy previously, she hadn’t even taken any photos yet.

Su Bei did not listen to those sarcastic remarks.
Life was short.
Who should she waste her energy on irrelevant people?

“Director Guo Feng, I’m here!” Su Bei stood in front of Director Guo Feng.

Director Guo Feng smiled in satisfaction.
“Go get changed and put on your makeup.
There’s going to be a scene soon.”

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“Okay, I’ll go now.” Su Bei turned around and went to the dressing room.

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Immediately, the cast and crew frowned as they looked at Su Bei with doubt in their eyes.
They did not believe that she would be able to take on this role.

Su Bei was indeed beautiful.
However, she had no experience and had never filmed a movie before.
If her acting skills were not up to standard on the big screen, her mistakes and lack of ability would be glaring.

“Director Guo Feng has always been fair and just.
This time, he probably chose Su Bei because Sheng Tang Entertainment invested in our movie, so he had no choice but to use someone from the Tang family.
It can’t be helped.
After all, everyone needs to eat,” the cast and crew secretly discussed.

Thinking about how Director Guo Feng had always tried his best to not be corrupted by money but had no choice but to bow down to capitalism this time, everyone felt uncomfortable.

The assistant director, who was in charge of the cameras, had already secretly made a decision.
In his heart, he thought, ‘When it’s Su Bei’s scenes, I can just use more techniques and not give her too much special attention.
I think it shouldn’t be a problem.’

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Su Bei was playing the role of Ni Huang in the drama.
In the beginning, she was a princess of the Great Xiao Empire.
However, she did not like to put on makeup and loved to be in armor..
Since she was young, she liked to hang around in the military camp, so her martial strength was off the charts.

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