essing room.

Fang Yourong was putting on makeup when she heard a knock on the door.
She said lightly, “Come in.”

After Su Bei walked in, Fang Yourong immediately straightened her back and was very guarded.
She smiled and said, “Su Bei? Please sit.”

The reason why she was on guard was that she was worried that Su Bei would snatch away her role as the female lead.
Fang Yourong valued this role very much and had placed all her chips in it.
If it went well, she would be able to get more opportunities to work with more directors in the future.
If it didn’t go well, she would have to go back and fight for roles in idol dramas with young actresses.

She was no longer young.
Sooner or later, she would have to change her style.
The earlier she made the transition, the safer it would be.

Therefore, she was abnormally guarded against Su Bei.
She was afraid that Su Bei would do something cunning.

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“Sister Yourong, when I went to buy coffee just now, I bought an extra cup.
I thought that since your scenes today are all being filmed early, I brought it for you.” Su Bei placed the coffee in front of Fang Yourong.

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Fang Yourong was a senior.
Su Bei heard others call her ‘Sister’ and also respectfully called her that.

Fang Yourong said, “Thank you.”

However, she would not drink it at all.
This little trick could not escape her eyes.
This female lead role was definitely hers.

Calling her ‘Sister’? Was Su Bei trying to highlight her youth?

“Actually, I’ve always been working in America.
Sister Yourong, I wonder if you went there last year?” Su Bei smiled and asked casually.

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She had to at least know if Fang Yourong had been to America before she could confirm her speculation.

Fang Yourong was overwhelmed with shock and fear..
She suddenly recalled the incident in America.

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