ie star.
Although he hadn’t won many awards, he was still a true actor.
He was publicly recognized as a candidate for Best Actor.
Even though he hadn’t won any awards, he came close each time.
The reason he chose Two Phoenixes this time was to win an award.

Now, it turned out that the second female lead was Su Bei?

For a popular female artist to play such a big role in a Chinese martial arts movie, Pei Chao was naturally full of doubts!

Su Huixian and Tang Yue were equally shocked.

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Su Huixian was still fine, but Tang Yue was furious.
As the investor of the movie and the boss of Sheng Tang Entertainment, no one had told her that Su Bei was going to act in Two Phoenixes!

She had to find out the truth right now!

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Su Bei was wearing a simple dress today.
Her hair casually hung on both sides of her shoulders.
She looked calm and elegant.
She was a far cry from General Ni Huang in the movie who led troops to kill enemies!

Amidst everyone’s doubts, she walked toward the second female lead’s seat and sat down calmly.

Guo Feng announced to the reporters, “Everyone, this is the second female lead of Two Phoenixes.
She’ll be playing the role of Ni Huang.
It’s Su Bei!”

Instantly, the reporters were in an uproar.
Their questions immediately became sharp.
“Director Guo, Ni Huang’s scenes are comparable to Hua Yingrong’s.
Su Bei doesn’t have any foundation in acting.
Do you think she can take on this role?”

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“Director Guo, you’re using a popular artist in your big production.
Are you planning to get more fans to watch the movie?”

“Director Guo, what did Su Bei use to convince you to get the role of Ni Huang?”

“Director Guo, will this movie continue on the path of excellence or will you give up your original intentions just to satisfy Su Bei’s fans?”

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