d, Pei Chao, were present.

Two familiar faces appeared in the crowd.
One was Su Huixian while the other was Tang Yue.

The reason why Su Huixian was here was that she was already one of the decision-makers of Qian Yu Entertainment.
She was no longer a simple artist.
Although she had groomed many models, she had already lost her place in the modeling industry.
The models that she groomed were not as talented as her, so naturally, they would not be able to get any activities.

Hence, she sent Zhong Xiu and Zhu Fenfen to act in a movie.
Even though they were just small roles, they could help develop the entire company.

As for Tang Yue, she appeared because Sheng Tang Entertainment had invested in this movie.
She was here as an investor.

The second male and female leads had yet to appear.

The reporters couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Director Guo, what about the second male and female leads?”

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“Everyone, don’t be anxious.
They’re about to appear.”

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“As far as I know, the second female character of this movie, Ni Huang, has a lot of fighting scenes.
She has about the same screen time as Yourong’s character.
I wonder who’s playing her?”

“You’ll know when she arrives.
Just let me keep you in suspense! Haha!” Guo Feng laughed.

“Director Guo, you’re teasing us.
We’ve been asking for so many days, but you wouldn’t reveal anything.
But I also want to see who the two actors are.”

Actually, Guo Feng didn’t say anything because after Su Bei agreed, she hadn’t had the time to contact him for further discussion.

In fact, he wasn’t sure if Su Bei would really come until the last moment.
After all, her current position was too high.
Could she really lower herself to come…

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