Chapter 647: Knowledgeable And Virtuous

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After Su Bei received it, she tidied her clothes, thanked him, and left.

Qiao couldn’t help but look outside the shop a few more times.

In the blink of an eye, it was the end of the year.

Everyone in S Country put their work on pause to reunite with their families.

Only the people in the entertainment industry had more activities and work than usual.

Su Bei also had a few activities.

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In the Lu family’s old residence, the old-fashioned courtyard villa had been decorated and was hung with red lanterns, welcoming the arrival of this joyous day.

Old Master Lu, Old Madam Lu, Mrs.
Lu, Lu Weijian, and Gun Gun were all happily waiting for Lu Heting to come home.

In fact, Gun Gun originally planned to spend the holiday with Bei Bei and Big Brother Da Bao.
However, Bei Bei had called and said that she was a little busy while Big Brother Da Bao was not around.
She could not accompany him, so he did not make his request in the end.

He understood that Bei Bei was busy with her work, so as long as he could see them after the holidays, that was fine.

Just as they were waiting, the butler rushed in and smiled.
“Miss Liao is here.”

“Invite her in,” Old Master Lu said.

Liao Xintong entered.
She was covered in snow and dressed in a festive manner.
It was the kind of dress that elders liked to see youths in.
She was elegant and presentable, but she did not lose the bearing of a rich young lady.

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The butler followed behind her with a huge pile of gifts.

Gun Gun’s expression changed when he saw her.
The person he did not want to see the most had appeared!

Lu Weijian’s expression became dull as well.
How boring.
He might as well go back to his place to play games.

Lu smiled and said, “Gun Gun, quickly greet her.”

Gun Gun pursed his thin lips, and his expression was indifferent.
He casually called out and did not look very happy.

Liao Xintong hurriedly said, “Grandpa Lu, Grandma Lu, Auntie, did I come too suddenly? I really shouldn’t have come today, but I really miss Gun Gun and wanted to visit the elders too, so please forgive my impudence…”

“Of course not? We don’t care about these things.
Besides, no matter what, you’re still Gun Gun’s aunt.
Why do you have to say such things?” Mrs.
Lu said as she held her hand.

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Su Bei wasn’t even willing to show up on such a day and was busy working in the entertainment industry.
She didn’t even give an explanation, so Mrs.
Lu naturally had some complaints.

She shouldn’t be in that profession in the first place.
She even stole Lu Heting’s heart and made Gun Gun suffer alone.
Lu’s heart ached when she saw Gun Gun’s little face.

Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu didn’t say it out loud, but they had the same thoughts in their hearts.
Hence, Liao Xintong appeared to be more suitable.
She was gentle, knowledgeable, and virtuous.

Lu said to Lu Weijian, “Quick, call your brother and see when he’ll be back.”

Lu Weijian reluctantly picked up his phone and was about to call when the butler’s delighted voice came from outside.
“Young Master is back! Young Master is back! Young Master, please come in!”

The whole family heaved sighs of relief for some reason.
They were expecting Su Bei and Da Bao to come back together this time to celebrate the holiday with everyone.

Of course, the most important was still Da Bao..
Su Bei was secondary.

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