at the card, she already knew what bag she would get for herself.
She did not feel guilty accepting it.
After all, she had been a great help to Su Huixian.

The two of them seemed to have reached some sort of tacit understanding.
They began to address each other affectionately as if they were biological sisters.

Coincidentally, Su Bei was still waiting there.
As she drank her tea, she flipped through the magazines related to calligraphy in the shop and looked at it seriously.

Zhong Xiu could not help but lightly harrumph.
“What a bumpkin.
I wonder who Su Bei bought the calligraphy for?”

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Old Master Tang had personally gone to the airport to pick Su Bei up and acknowledged Su Bei as a child of the Tang family.
However, it was only spread among the reporters and not widely publicized.

Therefore, even Su Huixian and the others didn’t know that she was the little princess of Sheng Tang, and that Grandpa Tang was eagerly waiting for her to return home.

Naturally, they did not know that she bought that piece of calligraphy to give it to her own grandfather.
Thus, her intentions were the most important, not the price or fame.

Qiu Minxuan said, “I think she’s going to give it to Old Master Tang.
After all, Su Bei is an artist from Sheng Tang.
This time, Old Master Tang’s birthday celebration will definitely be a big event.
As an artist from Sheng Tang, she’ll definitely be anticipating the event if she wants to soar higher in the industry.”

As a model herself, Zhong Xiu could not go to such an event but Su Bei could.
Naturally, she was not convinced and said, “The old man might not even invite her.
She’s really shameless to have bought a gift in advance.”

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Su Huixian did not expect Su Bei to be so good at socializing..
She even dared to attend Old Master Tang’s birthday banquet.

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