up, they quickly called Lu Hang to report it to him.

Lu Hang didn’t dare to delay and quickly reported it to Lu Heting.

He was a little hesitant.
What was Young Madam trying to do by renting a new house? Could it be that she had a fight with Mr.
Lu and was planning to move out? Was she renting a new house for Mr.

This fight was a little too extreme, no?

Lu Hang thought about it for a while and reported the news nervously.

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Lu Heting was reading some documents when he heard Lu Hang’s words.
A trace of doubt appeared on his cold face.

Da Bao and Gun Gun had not been around for the past two days.
It was not easy for him to move into the master bedroom.
With the privilege of being the master of the house now, his quality of sleep for the past two nights was much better.
Now, Su Bei suddenly wanted to rent another house.
What was going on?

“Alright, I got it.
You can leave now.
I’ll give you an answer in three minutes.” Lu Heting pinched the space between his eyebrows.
Did he not perform well enough, or did something go wrong?

If Su Bei knew what he was thinking, she would definitely protest.
‘You’re already doing so well, Mr.

If he was any better, he would not be able to take it anymore!

Lu Hang could only go out skeptically.

Lu Heting decided to call his woman and ask about it.

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Su Bei received Lu Heting’s call and sweetly called out, “Hubby!”

Her words melted Lu Heting’s heart, and his back relaxed.
A gentle look appeared on his face, and he said softly, “When I passed by the property management, I heard that you’re looking for a house to rent?”

“Wow, you’re really well-informed.
It’s only been a few minutes since I told them.”

Lu Heting cleared his throat.
“I went to pay the property management fee..
They know me pretty well.”

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