wded that it was impossible to hear the reporters’ questions clearly.
However, the words with malicious intent and gossip were still very ear-piercing.

Lu Heting protected Su Bei and walked past the crowd of reporters.

However, the reporters did not let them off and continued to chase after them.

At this moment, a row of luxury cars stopped outside.
A hale and hearty elderly man alighted from the car, followed by a row of bodyguards.

A reporter noticed the old man and immediately looked over.

Seeing that this old man had an extraordinary aura and had so many bodyguards with him, it was obvious that he was very rich.
Someone immediately muttered, “Could this be Su Bei’s backer?”

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“Isn’t he afraid of blinding the eyes of the crowd with such a grand display?”

“Could those revelations be true?!”

Someone was about to film the old man but was stopped by the bodyguards behind him.

The old man walked straight toward Su Bei.

This caused a huge commotion.
“Oh my God, this can’t be real, right? This is too explosive!”

“It’s too bold, I can’t accept it!”

“Su Bei’s image in my heart is completely destroyed.”

Someone immediately recognized this person as Old Master Tang from Tang Corporation and said in a low voice, “This is Old Master Tang.
Strictly speaking, Sheng Tang Entertainment is also his family’s property, so Su Bei is…”

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“Could he be the biggest boss in the company?”

“What nonsense are you talking about?!” Old Master Tang pointed at the nearest reporter and snapped, “You’re talking nonsense without any evidence.
Are you worthy of your profession?”

The reporter took a few steps back, their face flushing red..

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