in her sweet smile under these conditions due to extreme dedication.
Not everyone could do it.

When he sneezed, tears and snot immediately flowed out.
He could not even maintain a calm expression, let alone pose.

The entire crew lowered their heads and did not say a word.
They all knew that Huang Zhixian’s actions were too much.

Old Master Tang was slightly appeased, but the chauffeur said, “Old Master, there’s a thin dress here…”

Lu Heting had arranged for someone to bring it over.
He got Lu Hang to deliver it to the chauffeur.

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Lu Heting was satisfied with Old Master Tang’s way of handling things and had already brought Su Bei to rest.

The driver was Old Master Tang’s trusted aide and was well aware of Su Bei’s identity as a member of the Tang family.
Although he didn’t know what that person meant by sending him a thin dress, he immediately remembered something.
Wasn’t Su Bei wearing a thin dress while standing in the snow earlier?

Huang Zhixian was wearing long pants, which was too easy for him! He quickly reminded Old Master Tang.

Old Master Tang immediately said, “Change!”

Huang Zhixian collapsed after changing into a thin dress.

It was not just a comical sight but Huang Zhixian was also extremely cold.
He had only stood there for a few minutes, but his face had already turned blue from the cold winds.
All the fat on his body seemed to have solidified, while the wind and snow had formed particles of ice on his body.
His legs were starting to feel numb.

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“Keep an eye on him.
Tell him to get lost in the snow later.” Old Master Tang arranged for a driver before heading to the hotel.

When he went over, he found Xiao Bai.
“Where’s Su Bei?”

“Su Bei is in the room.
She’s resting.” Xiao Bai recognized him as the old grandpa who helped them out..
She was very grateful to him.

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