ce was filled with the joy and surprise she felt when she saw so much snow for the first time.
She held the snow in her hands and rolled around in the snow, full of energy.

A full five minutes passed.
It could be said that Su Bei’s performance was impeccable.
Her facial expressions were rich and her body movements were fluid.
She had achieved what Huang Zhixian wanted.

Even Huang Zhixian felt that there was nothing to nitpick on when he looked at the photos taken and the video recorded.
It was even better than what he had expected.

Xiao White heaved a sigh of relief.
Su Bei could rest for a while now!

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She was about to send the jacket over when Huang Zhixian shouted with a frown, “It’s not perfect yet.
Let’s do it again!”

Huang, if you keep going, Su Bei’s hands and legs will be injured!” Xiao Bai shouted angrily.
“Besides, we’ve already confirmed that the outdoor shoot will only last for ten minutes.
Even if you want to take more photos, we’re not in a hurry.
Is it that difficult to let Su Bei warm up before we continue shooting?”

“The cover photo of Beauty Magazine has to be perfect.
If you can’t shoot it, you can leave.
There are plenty of people who want to shoot it!” Huang Zhixian said loudly.

It would be best if she got frostbite.
That way, Hao Jiali would be able to take over.
That would be better for him.

Although the other staff members sympathized with Su Bei, they couldn’t offend Huang Zhixian as it would affect their work.

Xiao Bai could not convince Huang Zhixian at all.
The other assistant could not do anything either.
They could not even interject, let alone help Xiao Bai.

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“Nonsense! Is Beauty Magazine going to ruin its own reputation?” A vigorous old man’s voice sounded.


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