ter Ping, why are you so free to call me?” Huang Zhixian replied with a smile.

When Jian Ping confirmed that Hao Jiali was going to shoot the cover of Beauty Magazine, she had arranged for everything.

She insisted on having Huang Zhixian be the photographer because he was her distant cousin.
When Hao Jiali was filming, he could then pay special attention to her.

“Su Bei stole Jiali’s job.
How can I not be free?” Jian Ping said casually.

Huang Zhixian’s face turned cold.
“That’s right.
The cover this time should have belonged to your artist, but Su Bei snatched it away.”

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“So… if Su Bei suffers during filming, doesn’t she deserve it?” Jian Ping asked with a smile.


Huang Zhixian understood what she meant.
When it came to filming, especially when they were outstation, the photographer would have the final say.
Since Su Bei had fallen into his hands, she naturally won’t be able to have it easy.

If Su Bei could not endure the hardships, then she could be replaced with Jian Ping, right?

After lunch, Yue Ze was busy with other things, so he entrusted Su Bei over to Xiao Bai and the other assistant.

After everyone got ready, the shooting began.

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The outdoor shoot this time was to take photos of the snowy landscape and capture the beautiful winter scenery.
It would be the cover for New Year’s.

Su Bei changed into a thin silver-white dress and walked out with her coat wrapped around her.

Xiao Bai hurriedly passed her a heat patch and said, “It’s a little cold outside.
It’ll be difficult to take photos.
You’ll have to work hard.
But luckily, Brother Yue Ze has already communicated with the photographer before this.
You only need to stay in the snow for ten minutes or so..
You’ll be fine after the shoot.”

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