out her identity.
However, in the eyes of the Tang family, they had already formed a rather bad impression of her.

After all, Tang Yue was closer to the elders, so no one doubted her words.

However, Old Master Tang could not help but want to see Su Bei.

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The year Su Bei was born, Old Master Tang just happened to experience the most painful change in his life.
He lost his wife whom he loved for a long time and was hospitalized for treatment due to heart disease.

It was Su Bei’s birth that had given him a dose of fortitude.
He managed to come back from the gates of hell several times.

This caused him to have more fond feelings for Su Bei.
In addition, when Su Bei was young, she was very cute and obedient.
Even though Su Bei had only lived in the Tang family until she was two years old before she went missing, Old Master Tang’s feelings for this granddaughter of his, compared to his other grandchildren, were very different.

Seeing that Su Bei had refused to return home for a long time, Old Master Tang was constantly worried.

If Su Bei really had a knot in her heart, he was willing to take the initiative to resolve the problem.

If Su Bei had been taught wrong by the Su family, he wanted to correct her behavior as soon as possible.
When she returned to the Tang family, no one would be able to gossip anymore.

Although Old Master Tang seemed to have gone to the hospital to recuperate, he actually went to look for Su Bei behind the Tang family’s back.

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However, he did not appear as Old Master Tang.
Instead, he pretended to be an ordinary old man.
He carried his pigeon cage and strolled around, looking for an opportunity to approach Su Bei.

However, before he could approach Su Bei, his whereabouts were already known by Lu Heting.

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