ned why she was so clingy.
They even treated it as a joke.

After Su Bei was born, her illness reached its peak.
Seeing that her parents’ attention was all on her little sister, Tang Yue would constantly cry and throw a tantrum.
However, it was almost impossible for her parents to completely focus on her.

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They had a newborn to take care of, so they would only coax her and accompany her a little.
It was impossible for them to care about her like before.

Tang Yue knew then that crying and kicking up a fuss was useless.
The only way was to make the child disappear.
That way, she would be able to regain her parents’ love.

Hence, she silently came up with a plan.
She even started to treat her little sister very well.

One day, she finally found an opportunity.
When her little sister was almost two years old, Tang Yue took her out to play.
They walked farther and farther away until they reached a place that even she did not know.
Then, she let go of Su Bei’s hand and quickly hid.
She watched her little sister cry and shout as she ran toward an even more unfamiliar place…

Then, she found a passerby to help her and successfully met up with her parents as she remembered their phone numbers.

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By then, her little sister had already disappeared into the sea of people.

Tang Yue recalled the past and splashed water on her face.

It had been so long, so long that she had completely forgotten about this matter.
Unexpectedly, it had never faded from her parents’ hearts.

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