d this kind of pressure.
I’ll curse this family ten thousand times.
Their shamelessness is next level!]

[Also, did you see the news? Su Huixian actually changed her age to make herself five years younger! Five years! What was she thinking? When Su Bei was young, how many times did her worldview shatter? It wasn’t easy for her to grow up to be the person she is now.]

[Quickly break up with this family, Su Bei.
We’ll be your family.
We’ll always support you!]

[Su Bei did a good job.
She’s loyal and righteous.
While protecting her deceased mother, she dealt a blow to these scumbags.]

[Su Huixian, get out of the entertainment industry! You’re not fit to compete with Su Bei!]

[Everyone, don’t scold Su Huixian.
She wasn’t involved in all this.
She probably had no say regarding the things that happened when she was young.
She’s also a victim who was scammed by her parents.]

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[What do you mean she didn’t know? Didn’t you see her at the scene? Do you still need to protect her like this?]

The internet was in an uproar.
Lu Heting had already gotten someone to investigate.
The photo of Jiang Hong and Gibson was sent by Li Xuan, who was also competing for the Top Ten Model Awards.

Of course, the person who took the photo was Su Huixian.

Su Huixian passed the photo to Minwen and Li Xuan’s team.

Minwen’s team did not make a move, but Li Xuan’s team could not wait to send it out.
They planned to blacklist Su Bei.

Who knew that the tables would turn?

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Li Xuan’s team quickly acted as if nothing had happened and went into hiding where they quietly observed the situation.
They wanted to see if there was a chance to take advantage and reap the benefits.

However, since they had done such a thing, how could they pretend that nothing ever happened?

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