for duty.”

Lu Weijian’s face broke out into a smile at once.
“As long as you’re around, we can solve anything!”

Seeing that his brother seemed to be unhappy to hear that, he hurriedly flattered him even more.
“You’re a king! You beat everyone! This hacker is the best one we’ve gotten.
Should we offer him or her the highest salary?”

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“It’s up to you.” After saying that, Lu Heting walked out of the study without looking back.

“No wonder hackers like attacking us.
As long as they can cause great pressure on our defense system, they’ll be hired at our company with a high salary,” Lu Weijian muttered to himself.
“Well, let me see who you are! Come and show yourself!”

He sent a sincere job offer to the e-mail address that Lu Heting had given him.

A moment later, there was a ping on Da Bao’s iPad telling him that he had received a new email.

When he was about to open it, Lin Moli came over and threw a set of pajamas to him.
“Da Bao, enough of playing with that.
Kids should go to bed early and get up early.
It’s good for your health!”

Da Bao turned the iPad over and clicked on the newly received e-mail.
When he saw that the name of the sender was “Invincible Swordsman,” he couldn’t help shaking his head in disdain.
The employees of the Lu Group were so childish!

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Lu Heting went to his son’s room.
Gun Gun was sitting on the chair with his head on the desk.
He had fallen asleep with tears on his face, looking pitiful.

Lu Heting picked him up and tucked him into the soft bed.

When he returned to his bedroom, he took out his phone and dialed the number that was written on the box, the one he had already memorized.

After a few rings, Su Bei’s sweet voice came from the other end of the line.
“Hello, Su Bei here.
Who is this?”

“It’s me.” A faint smile appeared at the corners of Lu Heting’s lips.

“Hello, Mr.
Lu.” Su Bei spoke in a chirpy, high-pitched voice, wanting to sound polite.
But on the contrary, she sounded distant and alienating, as if she was talking to a stranger.

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