ally, one of the waiters returned again.

“How are things? Where are Huixian and her father?”

“They’ve come back from the event…” the waiter said.

Before he could finish, Xu Zhiqin smiled and said, “Sorry for the long wait, everyone.
I’ve wasted so much of your time today.
Let’s start now.”

“Great, this is really great!”

“Congratulations, Mrs.

The waiter wanted to remind Xu Zhiqin something but she was already holding a glass of wine and was about to give a toast to everyone.
She had dressed up glamorously tonight, and now, she was even more radiant with her smile.
As long as her husband and daughter were by her side, her life was complete.

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Furthermore, their victory against Su Bei and Su Huixian becoming one of the top ten models this year were secured.

The waiter reminded, “Mrs.
Su, actually…”

“Actually what? If you have anything to say, just say it out loud!” Xu Zhiqin said loudly.
The events tonight were all good things anyway.
There was nothing that they could not say.

The waiter finally said loudly, “Actually, Mr.
Su and Miss Su were brought to the police for questioning for slandering Su Bei.
However, their illnesses acted up, so they were sent to the hospital.”

“What? What did you say? Say that again?”

“They went to the hospital.
Su, you should go over there!”

Xu Zhiqin’s face darkened.
“What happened?”

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“Su Bei is Mr.
Su’s adopted daughter, but Mr.
Su accused her mother of having an affair.
Su Bei brought out solid evidence! She even had evidence that Miss Su Huixian previously changed her age.

Xu Zhiqin’s head was buzzing, and she felt as if she was seeing stars.
She could barely stand straight.

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