Chapter 568: Revealing Her Weakness

“I’m fine.
All the supposed dirty laundry of mine that others wanted to air has been proven to be a conspiracy that they plotted with ulterior motives.”

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Director Gibson was especially happy.
All that mattered was that Su Bei was fine.
Otherwise, it would be such a pity.
He had spent so much effort editing the commercial and was really very satisfied with the end product.

“Director Gibson, it seems like you still have a flight to catch?” Su Bei reminded with a smile.

“Oh my God, I have to go now.
See you next time!” Director Gibson left hurriedly with his assistant.

Su Bei could not help but laugh as she looked in his direction.

“Let’s go,” said Yue Ze.
He protected Su Bei and walked through the crowd.

At that moment, the reporters were more interested in interviewing Su Xingfu and Su Huixian, so no one stopped Su Bei.

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Su Bei went out and saw Lu Heting’s Bentley parked not far away.

Yue Ze looked up and smiled.
“You go ahead.
Xiao Bai, get in the car with me.”

A few reporters followed Yue Ze’s vehicle, thinking that they could interview Su Bei.
After the remaining reporters went off to follow Yue Ze’s car, Su Bei was safe.

Hence, no one saw Su Bei running toward Lu Heting’s car.

Even though Lu Heting didn’t show his face, he had deployed his bodyguards and monitored everything that went on in the venue.
He didn’t want any accidents to happen.

When Su Bei opened the door and got in, his tense nerves finally relaxed.
He reached out to pull her into his arms and rested his chin on the top of her head.

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He already knew about Su Bei’s situation in the Su family when Su Bei asked him to investigate the matter and get information.

He clearly knew every detail that was exposed earlier and knew that she won this time as she got to clear her name.

However, the feeling of worry and heartache did not decrease at all.

His heart ached for all the things that she previously experienced when she was young.
Her family, for the sake of benefits, ignored the facts and insisted on ruining her reputation.

She already had enough power to protect herself, yet those people still dared to cause her harm.
One could imagine the terrible things she experienced at home when she was young.
Even though she was the young miss of the Su family, in reality, she was often humiliated and suspected.
She was even sent to the orphanage a few times and became a frequent visitor there.

“Bei Bei.” There was a hint of pain in Lu Heting’s deep voice as he hugged her tightly.
It was as if this was the only way to protect her from harm.

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“I’m fine now, hubby.” Su Bei’s voice was no longer as high and excited as before.
It had become soft.
In front of him, she could remove all her armor and reveal her weakness.

Lu Heting whispered, “Let’s go home.”

When they reached home, Da Bao and Gun Gun were already fast asleep.
Aunt Chen handed over a lunch box and said with a smile, “This is a rice ball personally made by Gun Gun during home economics class.
He said that I must give it to you.”

It was a small rice ball that was made to look like a rabbit and had the word ‘Bei Bei’ written on it.
It was a little ugly and the words looked a littl clumsy, but it still made Su Bei’s eyes fill with tears.

She did not shed a single tear when she was slandered, nor did she shed a tear when she was criticized in public.
She became even more determined when facing the loss of her family that she could not even call a family.

However, she could not hold back her tears when she looked at the rice ball…

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She grabbed the rice ball and took a big bite of it.
Her cheeks puffed up as she handed the rest to Lu Heting.
She mumbled, “Hubby, you too…”

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