to you guys.
Thank you for coming.
Please come in and take a seat.” Xu Zhiqin was welcoming the guests warmly.

“I really envy you, Mrs.
Your husband loves you so much, and your daughter is successful in her career.
Not only that, but your son-in-law is so handsome and rich.
He’s a winner in life.”

Xu Zhiqin was even happier now.
Although she spoke humbly, she actually had the same thoughts.
She truly had everything now.

Only Su Bei was the remaining obstacle.

Tonight, Su Xingfu was going to settle everything.
By then, Su Bei would no longer be a threat and would not affect Su Huixian either.

Furthermore, Su Bei might even be forced out of the entertainment industry tonight.
This made Xu Zhiqin even more radiant and happy.

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Actually, some people who were familiar with her knew that she was a mistress, but since it was none of their business, no one would expose her.

Everyone treated each other well.
Who would expose her?

Xu Zhiqin had already arranged for a few waiters to keep an eye on the developments in Su Bei’s press conference.
If not for the fact that she was the host for tonight, she would have gone over herself to watch things unfold.

Although she was well-prepared, she was still a little worried.
After all, Su Bei was not easy to deal with.
Su Huixian had suffered under her hands several times, so Xu Zhiqin did not dare to let her guard down.

She calculated something in her heart.
Su Bei probably wouldn’t remember that Su Huixian had changed her age..
She was still so young back then, so how could she remember what had happened? Furthermore, the office had moved.

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