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He was indeed the man who was known for loving his family and wife.

The reporters quickly recorded everything shown on the big screen as evidence.

They also expressed their shame.
“So, everything was taken out of context.”

“The paparazzi and marketing accounts are really malignant tumors in the industry.
They always cause a lot of trouble.
Even our journalism industry has been stained by them!”

“I wonder which paparazzi did this?! The next time I see them, I’ll kick them hard!”

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“Sorry for misunderstanding Su Bei and Jiang Hong.”

After Director Gibson finished speaking, he didn’t stay on the stage any longer.

He did not take the reporters’ apology to heart.
America’s entertainment industry was not inferior to S Country’s.
He was already used to it.

He said to Su Bei, “Su Bei, the road ahead won’t be easy, but you’ll definitely have a good journey.”

“Thank you, Director.”

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“I should be the one thanking you.
You have no idea how successful my commercial is! Hahaha!”

Su Bei’s two scandals had been clarified.
Not only did they not cause her any lasting harm, but with the official announcement from Dream Jewelry, her popularity and fame would rise to another level after tonight.
She would also stand more firmly in the modeling industry and her position would be more secure.

Many of the models who were present were feeling upset.

However, someone suddenly broke the atmosphere and shouted—

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