es were older and highly respected in the industry.
Jiang Hong was the youngest among all the judges.
He was only in his early 40s, and this was his first time on the judging panel.
However, he had the qualifications and was also the first supermodel of S Country.
He was also currently on the committee, so it was no surprise that he was on the list.

After the organizing committee announced the list of judges, many were attracted to Jiang Hong because of his good looks.

He had already retired from the entertainment industry and only held a position in the organizing committee.
He usually accompanied his wife and daughter.
His Weibo was filled with photos of his wife and daughter.
Therefore, when many fans came across his Weibo, they were attracted to his gentle personality.
He gained a ton of new fans.

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These days, there weren’t many good men who were willing to cook for their wives and daughters, but Jiang Hong was one of them.
On his Weibo, one could only see how peacefully he spent his time.
There weren’t any influences from the entertainment industry.

As such, his credibility improved further.

In an instant, Jiang Hong became even more popular than the currently active models.

At this moment, a series of photos was posted on a marketing account on Weibo.

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In the photos, Su Bei and Jiang Hong were very close to each other as they talked about something.
Then, they even smiled as they raised their glasses and clinked them together.

Although there weren’t many intimate actions or any physical contact in the photos, their appearance at such a critical moment was problematic.
A model who was up for the running and a judge shouldn’t have met during this period as they would be deemed as having violated the rules.

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