t Yue Ze can get for Su Bei, I can get for you too.”

“So what if Tang Xinru gives all the resources to her? I got the job for Dream Jewelry on my own efforts, didn’t I? And I also got the front cover of Beauty’s new magazine.” Hao Jiali was very confident in herself.
“Even though Su Bei is back, I’m confident that I can defeat her this time.”

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Of course, Jian Ping also hoped that Hao Jiali could win this time around because it also meant that she would be defeating Yue Ze and replacing him as Sheng Tang’s most valued agent.

When Su Bei came out of Tang Xinru’s office, she ran into Hao Jiali.

Hao Jiali looked at Su Bei up and down before saying with a smile, “You’re back? But even if you are back, it doesn’t mean that you can compete with me.
Even though just half a month has passed, this industry is different from when you left.”

“Really?” Su Bei smiled.
“Let’s wait and see, then.”

“Su Bei, Sheng Tang is not yours alone.
How can you compare yourself to me?” Hao Jiali sneered.

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Su Bei shook her head slightly and laughed.
“I’ve never once had the intention of competing with you.
But if you really want to compete, I don’t mind.”

As soon as she walked out, she called Yue Ze.
“Brother Yue, you said that I was the original choice for the cover of Beauty magazine.”

“Have you thought it through?” Yue Ze asked with a smile.

“It’s supposed to be mine, so I should take it.
I’d like to be on the cover of a magazine too.”

“Okay, I’ll make the arrangements.
As for the other job…”

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