hey were going on about and interrupted.

Needless to say, he had already guessed that this must be Lu Weijian’s doing as well.
Only he was so talkative.

Lu Weijian, who was sleeping at home, sneezed twice.
When he flipped over, he couldn’t go back to sleep anymore.
He seemed to have a bad premonition.

Yue Ze and Lv Shan’s grief was still written all over their faces.

“If you’re referring to Su Bei, her gastric cancer was a misdiagnosis.
She went for another examination and received a report,” Lu Heting said.
Although he didn’t want to see Su Bei suffer, he still contacted another hospital for a second diagnosis.

Lv Shan’s face relaxed.
“I knew Su Bei would be fine!”

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Yue Ze immediately looked embarrassed.
He put on his glasses and said apologetically, “I’m sorry.
I misunderstood.
When I called yesterday, I heard that Su Bei…”

“It’s okay,” Lu Heting said.

Yue Ze recalled the man’s voice on the phone yesterday.
He didn’t know who it was, but the man was crying so hard that his words were unclear.
It was really embarrassing.

Far away in the Lu family’s house, Lu Weijian sneezed again.

“Who is it?” Su Bei asked from the kitchen.

Yue Ze and Lv Shan looked at each other and took off their heavy black coats at the same time.
When Su Bei saw them, she smiled and said, “Come in and have a seat.
I’m making breakfast.
Let’s eat together.”

“No, thanks.
We’re just here to see you.” Lv Shan looked at Su Bei’s face carefully.
She didn’t have any makeup products on her face as she had just woken up..
Her hair was casually tied up, and her skin was so delicate that it almost looked fragile.
With such a complexion, how could she have gastric cancer?

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