Chapter 497: You Guys Have A Marriage Certificate, That’s Awesome

“Lu Heting…” Su Bei staggered and threw herself at him.
After falling into his arms, she fainted.

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“Su Bei!” Lu Heting picked her up and saw the obvious bloodstains on her body and noticed the strong smell of alcohol on her.

Feng Ze turned his head slightly.
“Gu Xifeng.”

Gu Xifeng stepped forward and reached out his hand to touch Su Bei.

Lu Heting glared at him.

Lin Yu explained, “Gu Xifeng knows some medical skills.”

After a preliminary examination, Gu Xifeng said, “It’s someone else’s blood.
She doesn’t seem to be injured.
But she was drugged.”

He took out a syringe and some medicine.
“I’ll give her some medicine to ease her pain first.”

After the injection, Lu Heting took Su Bei to the car.

Behind her, the dogs howled.

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The bar returned to its initial clamor and noise.
The music was deafening.

The police quickly left the area with their dogs.

Lu Heting took Su Bei back to her apartment.

Feng Ze, Feng Feifei, Lin Yu, Gu Xifeng, and Hua Cuo followed them.

Initially, Lu Heting wanted to take Su Bei to the hospital for a quick check-up.
However, the hospital that diagnosed Su Bei with gastric cancer did not have an emergency department.

The hospital would only be able to see them at eight o’clock the next morning.

Although Lu Heting was very angry, he could not do anything about it since they were in another country

Lu Heting put Su Bei on the big bed in the master bedroom.
She had already been changed into a clean set of clothes.
There were only slight scratches on her body.
Judging from the sight of her, she had not suffered too badly from this incident.

Hua Cuo said in a low voice, “Thank God I asked her to learn some kung fu as self-defense.”

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“You can go out first.
Su Bei needs to rest.” Lu Heting chased them out.

The small master bedroom was filled with people.

After everyone left, Lu Heting reached out to close the door.

“Don’t close the door!” Lin Yu blocked the door.
“How can a man and a woman be in the same room alone?”

He glanced at Feng Ze, who lowered his eyes and remained silent.

Lu Heting turned around.
A moment later, he returned to Lin Yu and showed him two red booklets.

How embarrassing!

Lin Yu touched the tip of his nose and said, “Okay, okay.
You guys have a marriage certificate, that’s awesome.”

Lu Heting closed the door.

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“Since we’re all free now, why don’t we have hotpot together?” Lin Yu suggested.

Everyone rolled their eyes at him.

Feng Feifei walked up to him, put her hands on her hips, and asked bitterly, “What’s wrong with Su Bei? She has late-stage gastric cancer?”

“I… I don’t know.
I never heard her mention it before.
If it weren’t for Lu Heting today, I wouldn’t have known about it at all.”

After being provoked by Lu Heting’s words this morning, he called the hospital to inquire.

As he was Su Bei’s emergency contact, the hospital told him about Su Bei’s previous check-ups after repeated questioning.
However, they did not say much about it.

Hua Cuo asked Gu Xifeng, “What do you think?”

“It depends on what the doctor says,” Gu Xifeng replied concisely.

Everyone went to see Feng Ze again.
He was just calmly sitting there.
He had not moved until now.
A few strands of hair across his eyes, and a shadow loomed under his eyebrows.

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“Su Bei won’t be so pitiful.” Feng Feifei refused to believe it.
“She has always been the most obedient and lovely girl.
How could she have gastric cancer? It’s impossible.”

Lu Heting: “It’s indeed awesome to have a marriage certificate.”

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