>They did not care about anyone’s influence in business or politics.

At this moment, Feng Ze appeared.

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His face, which was partially hidden by the shadows, was revealed to the people in the bar.

His iconic earring and mole stunned everyone.

For a moment, the music and noise stopped.

Those who were dancing and drinking collectively stopped before scattering off.

The bar owner waved his hand and shouted in a foreign language, “Take whoever you want.”

There were not many people here anyway.

In this place, there was no need to talk about rules.
The rules could be changed according to the situation.

After saying this, the people in the bar started packing their things and left.
The bodyguards in the bar did not stop anyone from entering or leaving.

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At this moment, Su Bei stumbled over to the stairwell.

In a daze, she saw Lu Heting waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs.
It seemed that every time she needed him, he would appear before her.

Was she dreaming?

This was Su Bei’s first thought.

Even in her dream, she felt gratified to have him here.

She walked down unsteadily.

Lu Heting and Feng Ze walked toward her at the same time.
“Su Bei!”

The two equally handsome and anxious men approached Su Bei at the same time while reaching out their hands.

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When Su Bei saw the two of them, she was obviously biased.

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