would’ve gotten hurt by Gun Gun’s appearance had you come back.
Now that I think about it, everything was truly God’s arrangement.
Although I messed up plenty of times, he still left the best for me.”

Tears were about to fall from Su Bei’s eyes.
She hit him and said, “Put me down.”

Lu Heting put her down, and she rushed ahead.
Then, she came back with a small bouquet of roses and handed it to him.
“Lu Heting, I saved the best for you.”

Lu Heting took it.
“It’s beautiful.”

“No matter how beautiful a rose is, it’ll wither sooner or later.
I hope you can get a better one next time.
You must accept it then.” Su Bei smiled.
Her beautiful teeth were revealed, which made her look bright, but her words were heartless.

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She held Lu Heting’s hand and said, “Let’s go.
I’ll bring you around.
We can go to the shops Da Bao and I often go to, as well as the computer and clothing shops that Da Bao frequented.
They’re all very good.
Let me buy something for you.”

Holding her hand, Lu Heting’s eyes were full of affection.

In her eyes, were they on a date now?

The two of them were exhausted after a whole day of walking around and shopping.

When they returned to the apartment, Su Bei insisted on cooking for Lu Heting.

“Must you insist on doing it yourself?” Feeling sorry for her, Lu Heting held her from behind.

“Of course.
Since you’ve come to my home, I must cook for you.” Su Bei held the ingredients and waved them in the air.
“Sit down and rest.
Just wait for me.”

“No, I’ll wait for you like this.” Lu Heting did not want to let go of her.

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As a result, their meal took some time to prepare.

But at least it was done.

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