Chapter 472: A Good Show

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Zhang Baozhen was a reputable socialite, yet she was tricked by Cai Anying.

She was so ashamed that she could not face the countless cameras of the reporters.

However, she really had the demeanor of a big shot and dared to say to all the reporters, “Okay, I, Zhang Baozhen, solemnly apologize to Su Bei and Lv Shan.
I shouldn’t have taken my anger out on you.
I’ll take responsibility for my own actions.
This is what I owe you! Whatever you want in the future, I, Zhang Baozhen, will do it all! And thank you all for helping me find the true mistress.”

Su Bei finally arrived at this moment.

She walked past the crowd and approached Zhang Baozhen.

“I heard your apology, but I won’t accept it.
Because of your stubborn character, you caused me and Lv Shan too much harm.
As for your thanks, there’s no need for that.
The reason we found the true mistress wasn’t to help you but to clear our names.

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“I hope that in the future, you and your husband won’t make your family matters a public affair.
It’s really a waste of resources!”

Su Bei looked coldly at Zhang Baozhen and said.

Zhang Baozhen also proudly raised her head and looked at Su Bei, unwilling to admit defeat.

However, after being betrayed by her beloved husband, her eyes were no longer filled with confidence.
She could not hide the pain and humiliation she felt.

However, this had nothing to do with Su Bei.

Su Bei looked at the reporters.

At this moment, these reporters were looking at Su Bei with looks of shame and apology.
They were unable to look her in the eye because they had hurt her without knowing the truth.

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Su Bei faced everyone and did not mention the incident.

The more she behaved like this, the more the reporters felt that she was a rare treasure.
She had suffered so much slander recently, yet she was still holding back.

Su Bei smiled and said, “I want to announce to everyone that I will temporarily leave the modeling industry to accompany my family and take a rest.
Therefore, I won’t be doing any work for the time being.
Thank you for your understanding.”

“Why? Does it have something to do with you being accused of being a mistress?”

“When do you plan to come back?”

“Do you have any other plans? What’s Sheng Tang’s plan for you?”

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“Su Bei, is this because of Zhang Baozhen?”

Su Bei did not answer any of these questions.

The reporters were secretly regretful and speculated that Su Bei must have been affected by this matter with Zhang Baozhen to make such a decision.

The fans on the internet would probably make Zhang Baozhen the target of their criticisms.

Zhang Baozhen stood at the same spot and did not leave.
She had also realized that if Su Bei was temporarily leaving the modeling industry, she would be scolded to death.

Su Bei actually did not want to announce that she would be putting a halt to her work at a time like this, but the hospital had already gone the extra length to contact her.
Besides, Zhang Baozhen should pay the price for her actions.

Getting scolded by her fans was just Su Bei wanting Zhang Baozhen to have a taste of what she went through.

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Su Bei suddenly thought of something else and said, “I think I heard that Cai Anying went to the hospital.
I don’t know why she’s there, though…”

Hearing her reminder, Zhang Baozhen remembered that she still needed to deal with Cai Anying!

Cai Anying went to the hospital for a check-up? Could it be because she was pregnant with Liang Hanwen’s child?

Zhang Baozhen immediately drove off.

The reporters also heard Su Bei’s words and knew that there was going to be a good show.
They quickly followed Zhang Baozhen.

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