Su Bei kicked open the door and rushed in.
She hit Zhang Baozhen and pushed the doctor, as well as the several men there, aside.
She saved Lv Shan!

Her confident actions and domineering aura made the reporters feel as though they were watching an action movie!

At that moment, everyone had to admit that Yue Ze had taken out solid evidence to prove why Su Bei hit Zhang Baozhen.

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Previously, Zhang Baozhen had only posted a photo of Su Bei hitting her.
There was no explanation, and everyone was immediately misled.
They thought that Su Bei, the mistress, was bullying the legal wife.

Zhang Baozhen said that Su Bei had brought a group of people over to beat her up? Those people were all Zhang Baozhen’s people! Su Bei had barged in alone!

Luckily, police officers soon arrived, allowing Su Bei to get out of the situation unscathed.

Not only did Su Bei not beat up Zhang Baozhen but she was also the embodiment of justice, a hero-like existence.

“Su Bei did nothing wrong!”

“Su Bei’s actions were very heroic.”

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“We’ve all wronged her.”

Lu Heting did not appear on the screen when they played the video.
When Lu Hang got the evidence, he had already edited it.

This was Su Bei’s arrangement.
She had said solemnly, “Lu Heting is a normal man who won’t be able to handle this circle.
I don’t want him to become the target of criticism, so edit him out of the footage.”

When Lu Hang was editing the footage, he finally felt that Lu Heting’s actions were all worth it! If Young Madam was willing to protect Mr.
Lu like this, what more could he hope for?

Immediately, another reporter raised a question.
“If that’s the case, Su Bei did nothing wrong.
She was just protecting her manager.
But here comes the main question.
Why did Zhang Baozhen target Lv Shan? Why did she force Lv Shan to undergo an abortion?”

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