Chapter 432: Scheming B*tch

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Walter’s expression changed slightly.
He looked at Su Bei with disappointment in his eyes.
“Why? This is a very good opportunity.
It’ll greatly benefit your career.”

“I’m sorry.
I really don’t have the capacity to think about this at the moment.”

“Is it because of your agent’s arrangement?” Mr.
Walter looked at Yue Ze.

Yue Ze shrugged.
Su Bei then explained on his behalf, “It’s because I don’t want to take on any long-term jobs.
It has nothing to do with the company.”

Walter stood up and said, “I’m not in any position to interfere with your work.
However, I don’t like working with people who don’t care about their future career development.
Miss Su, perhaps you should take your leave now.”

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In the past few days, he had already seen many articles.
On the internet, there were many accusations against Su Bei.
Other than suppressing newbies and snatching jobs from her seniors, there were a lot of doubts about her work arrangements and her lack of motivation.

Although Mr.
Walter was not Su Bei’s fan and Su Bei’s matters had nothing to do with him, he liked hardworking and diligent people.
Those who coveted quick money and were content with their current situation were incompatible with his work philosophy.

He was a very direct person and expressed his thoughts bluntly.

Su Bei made her request.
“Yes, I’ll leave soon, but I’d like to ask you to clarify the rumors of me snatching the Sun Man’s job.
After all, you know very well what happened during the show.”

“These are two different things.
I’ll deal with the matter involving Sun Man.
After all, her accusations against you are starting to drag our brand down as well.
But that doesn’t mean I agree with your work attitude.”

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After they left, Lv Shan said, “Mr.
Walter is too nosy.
What does it have to do with him whether you accept endorsements or not?”

“This is the reality.
There are already many doubts in the industry about Su Bei not accepting any long-term jobs.
He’s not the only one like this,” Yue Ze calmly said.

Even he could not understand, let alone Mr.

Su Bei’s choice made it difficult for him to do public relations.
It was a huge problem.

Su Bei looked at him apologetically.
She did not want to do this either.
‘Sorry, Yue Ze.’

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Yue Ze nodded.
“Since I’ve agreed to work with you, I can only accept your request.
I’ll go get evidence that Sun Man applied for leave from the brand.
You can go back first.”

When Su Bei and Lv Shan went out, Lu Heting was still waiting outside.
Su Bei and Lu Heting both bid farewell to Lv Shan before heading home.

At the same time, Yue Ze had launched a counterattack against Sun Man.

He posted the evidence.
That night, Sun Man did not complete HU’s wristwatch event as scheduled because she had applied for leave.

The evidence was a medical leave slip issued by the hospital.
Sun Man’s assistant had personally handed this medical leave slip to the show director and brand to obtain their permission.

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There was no way Su Bei would snatch Sun Man’s job.

It was her body that was in poor health.

“So Sun Man was sick.
That means Su Bei was helping her out.
Why is everyone scolding Su Bei?”

“That’s right.
One minute on stage and two hours of preparation below the stage.
Su Bei walked for the opening show and even helped fill in Sun Man’s slot after she left, but she’s being accused of snatching others’ work.
Shouldn’t those who criticized Su Bei come out and apologize now?”

“Sun Man is too much.
She watched Su Bei get scolded but didn’t say anything.
She’s undoubtedly a scheming b*tch!”

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