instructed her assistant, ”Tell the organizers that I'll be absent.
I'm too sick to go on stage. ”

When a model was sick, the contract allowed them to rest.
There was no brand that would ignore this clause.

After that, Sun Man walked toward Su Huixian and Cai Anying, saying with a smile, ”Miss Su, I know that you and Miss Cai are here today to observe and have not obtained the qualifications to go on stage.
Tonight, I can give you the opportunity to… ”

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After this, she would sit back and watch the show.
Cai Anying would have a face-off with Su Bei while she would watch them fight it out.

Su Huixian and Cai Anying were very happy to receive this opportunity.

With Cai Anying's current fame and status, it was impossible for her to be able to participate in such a show for a branded watch.

However, what if the brand suddenly needed another model to appear on stage?

Su Huixian immediately went backstage and found the brand's people to recommend Cai Anying to them.

Cai Anying was indeed not worthy of such a show and she had not caught the attention of the brand.

However, she did look a lot like Su Bei, especially when the lights were dim.

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After thinking about it, the brand agreed to let her take Sun Man's position.

Su Huixian was already imagining how things would pan out later.
As long as Cai Anying successfully walked today's show, not only would she be able to take advantage of Su Bei's popularity but she might even be able to suppress Su Bei and obtain a better status.

The fact that Cai Anying was able to be on the same show as Su Bei meant that Cai Anying's recognition power was not inferior to Su Bei's!

The model she had painstakingly trained was finally being put to good use!

Perhaps in the future, Cai Anying would no longer be known as 'Little Su Bei' and Su Bei would become 'Little Cai Anying' instead.

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