It would be easy for him to deal with Su Bei, who fawned over powerful people.
He pulled Jin Qiu along and walked toward Su Bei.

Some people recognized Jin Youde, so when they saw that he was looking for Su Bei, they could not help but widen their eyes to watch the show—especially Hao Jiali.
She snorted with laughter and said to her assistant, ”Which slot exactly will Su Bei be getting today? ”

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Lv Shan was also stunned.
There were too many people looking for Su Bei today.

She introduced Jin Youde to Su Bei in a low voice, ”He's Mr.
He's a famous tycoon in the real estate market.
Su Bei, look… ”

Su Bei smiled and said, ”Let's see what he wants. ”

Standing in front of Su Bei, Jin Youde ordered loudly, ”Su Bei, swap slots with my niece! ”

When Liao Xintong came over just now, although she did not like Su Bei in her heart, she was still polite on the surface.
Jin Youde, however, was completely ignoring Su Bei.

Seeing this, the others all stood up to see what Su Bei would do.

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Actually, in their hearts, there was no doubt that Su Bei would give up her slot.
After all, she was good at flattering others.
Was that not her secret to success?

Jin Qiu also had a proud look on his face.
He was sure that Su Bei would give in to her uncle.

”I'm sorry, but I'm not swapping! ” Su Bei refused flatly.

The people around were surprised.
Jin Qiu said angrily, ”Su Bei, do you know what kind of person my uncle is? You refuse to swap slots with me? He's a famous real estate developer with a frightening reputation.
If you don't swap with me, he can ask Director Xiu to have you leave right now! ”

”Who wants Su Bei to leave? ” Lu Weijian stood at the door and asked loudly.

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