eats and sat down.
The parents quickly shut up.

It was not that they did not want to talk about it anymore but Lu Heting’s imposing manner was really a little scary.
It made the parents who were talking about him feel a chill running down their backs.

Looking at the clothes he was wearing, they were just ordinary brands and nothing special.
However, his cold face scared them so much that they did not dare to say anything.

The woman from earlier might not have felt Lu Heting’s strong aura outside, but now that they were sitting in the small waiting room, it made the atmosphere a little depressing.

For a moment, everyone was silent.

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Su Bei could not help but look around.
Why were they not saying anything? Were they not talking just now? What were they afraid of?

“Heting, look at them.
They’re all silent,” Su Bei said curiously.

Lu Heting lowered his eyes and said with a gentle smile, “It’s peaceful this way.”

“I won’t talk as well, then,” Su Bei said in a low voice.

“It’s okay.” Lu Heting smiled gently.

How could Su Bei understand why others were afraid of Lu Heting? To others, Lu Heting was like a tiger, but to her, he was like a kitten.
Not only was he not scary but he was also very gentle.

Su Bei then whispered to Lu Heting about Da Bao’s marks and whether he could skip to the fifth grade.

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Although she was confident in Da Bao, she still was a little concerned.

Lu Heting said confidently, “Da Bao can do it.
After all, he has our genes.”

Holding her face in her hands, Su Bei felt a little hot.
She admitted that she had contributed a lot to Da Bao’s good looks, but she had not really helped him much with his intelligence.

The whole room was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.
Only Su Bei would occasionally whisper in the corner.

At this moment, the children were done taking their exams in the third grade classroom.

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