Chapter 405: Looking At Him, He’s Probably Planning To Give Up On The Exam

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Da Bao rolled his eyes at him, picked up the things on the table, and left.

“Haha! Are you afraid of me? Haha!” The tall boy was very happy.
“Su Zhuoqian probably knows that he doesn’t have any ability.
He wanted to take the exam to enter third grade, but perhaps I gave him a way out so he immediately ran away.”

When the other students saw Da Bao leaving, they also guessed that he might not be capable enough, so he was taking advantage of this timing to leave.

After all, the people here were all at least first-years.
Any one of them was better than Su Zhuoqian.
How could he, a child who had never even been to kindergarten, take the exam?

Lu Heting and Su Bei were outside.
They had already heard what was going on inside.
Su Bei was about to rush in to help Da Bao when he came out.

He grabbed her hand and said, “Forget it, Su Bei Bei.”

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“I really want to teach him a lesson.
How dare he bully my son?!” Su Bei snorted angrily.

Da Bao did not really care.

A tall and strong couple next to him laughed, saying, “Our son has always been stubborn.
He has good grades, is good in sports, and has a lot of charisma.
He’ll have no problem getting into the third grade this time.
Some children shouldn’t waste the school’s resources if they don’t have the ability.
They’ll also end up causing trouble for the teachers.”

They were about the same height as Lu Heting and Su Bei, but they weighed twice or thrice as much as Lu Heting and Su Bei.
If Su Bei were to stand next to that woman, Su Bei would almost be invisible.

Meanwhile, the man was twice as bulky as Lu Heting.

Lu Heting and Su Bei narrowed their eyes at the same time but did not say anything.

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They were in a school, so she did not need to bother about such people for the time being.

Da Bao said softly, “Lu Heting, Su Xiaobei, third grade is boring.
I want to take the exam for fifth grade.”

“I’ll go look for Teacher Pan.” Lu Heting agreed.

Initially, he thought that since Da Bao was still young, it was more suitable for him to study in the third grade.

Now, it seemed that the third grade students were not worthy of Da Bao.

Lu Heting found Teacher Pan.

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When his handsome face suddenly appeared, Teacher Pan could not help feeling flustered.
“I-Is there anything the matter?”

“Hello, my son is going to take the fifth grade exam instead.
Can he change?”

“I can’t decide this.
I have to ask the principal.”

“Okay.” Lu Heting nodded.

Teacher Pan immediately asked the principal and then relayed a message to Lu Heting.
“Mister, the principal said that your son can change to take the fifth grade exam but he only has one shot.
If Su Zhuoqian can’t pass the entrance examination to enter the fifth grade, then he can’t take the third grade exam either.
He can only progress according to the normal order of admission.
Otherwise, it’ll be unfair to other students.
Can you accept this arrangement?”

Lu Heting glanced at Da Bao, who said confidently, “Yes.”

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Lu Heting agreed.
“Teacher Pan, we can accept it.
Please arrange it for us.”

“Please follow me,” Teacher Pan said.

The family of three followed Teacher Pan.

The voices of the other parents sounded from behind.
“This Su Zhuoqian is still too young.
It seems that he’s planning to give up on the exam.”

“I think so too.
He’s only four years old.
How can he take the entrance examination to enter the third grade at such a young age? He’s so reckless.”

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