How could it be? Something didn’t add up.

Fortunately, the family doctor could be trusted, so she turned to him and asked, “Doctor Wen, what have you found?”

“Miss Bei, there is nothing strange in the bird’s nest soup,” Doctor Wen replied softly.

“But it tasted strange when I ate it.
And Su Huixian even admitted that she drugged it…” Back then, Su Huixian had spoken in such a cold tone that the memory was clearly etched in Su Bei’s mind.

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“There’s really nothing strange in it, Miss Bei,” Doctor Wen emphasized again.

“Su Bei, I told you, I’ve never wanted to hurt you.” Su Huixian still looked aggrieved, immediately gaining sympathy from everyone who saw her.

Du Luo also looked at her gently to comfort her.

Compared with Su Bei, who was poised and elegant even in this situation, Su Huixian looked pitiful.

Finally, an idea flashed through Su Bei’s mind.

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She suddenly understood everything! From the beginning, there had been no drug in the soup.
Su Huixian had pretended to make that phone call.
She had orchestrated the whole situation to trick Su Bei into accusing her, so that when the truth was revealed, Su Bei would be unable to defend herself, and would lose everyone’s trust.

Turning around to look at her father, Su Bei explained anxiously, “Dad, I know what’s going on.
Su Huixian did all this on purpose to…”

Before Su Bei could finish, Su Xingfu slapped her across the face.

Everyone was slightly shocked by the slap.

The atmosphere turned awkward and uncomfortable.

Su Huixian, who was standing behind Su Xingfu, raised her chin and flashed a triumphant smile at Su Bei.

However, Su Bei was not in the mood to look at Su Huixian.
She covered her burning cheek and looked at her father in disbelief.

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