br>She would definitely receive a lot of endorsements from luxury brands.

Everyone understood this, and they looked at Su Huixian enviously.
Even Tang Xinru could not help but shake her head secretly.
Su Huixian was really lucky this time.
She was blessed by these two masters.

It could be said that there was no artist this lucky in the entertainment industry.
Su Huixian would become a top supermodel after this.

The guests had involuntarily walked into Hall 5 to enjoy the music, and now, they were also admiring Su Huixian.

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The two masters looked at Su Huixian at the same time and said, “You’re welcome, Miss Su Bei.
We came here especially for you tonight.”



As soon as the two masters spoke, everyone was shocked.

Miss Su Bei?

Su Huixian’s expression also changed slightly.
Thinking that they had misspoken, she corrected them.
“Sirs, my name is Su Huixian.”

The expressions of the two masters also changed slightly.
They were not good at recognizing oriental faces.
They had only seen a photo and after seeing Su Huixian coming forward to thank them, they thought that she was Su Bei.

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Now, they realized that they had misidentified the person.

“Miss Su Bei?” he repeated.

When Su Bei heard him calling her name, she stood up and walked toward them.
She said respectfully, “Mr.
Gringlass, your performance was really good.
I enjoyed myself very much.
Are you looking for me?”

“Miss Su Bei, I’m honored that you liked my performance.”

When he saw Su Bei in person, he knew that he would never mistake her for another person again.
She was so beautiful, elegant, and beautiful.
She left a deep impression on him.

The photo they had seen did not capture even one percent of her beauty.
Otherwise, they would not have recognized the wrong person.

After apologizing to Su Huixian solemnly, the two masters began to talk to Su Bei in a low voice.

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