looked at the painting in front of him.
The strokes, the way the brush was moved, and the composition were all unique to the Picasso of the East.

There were also three words on it: “Give me your love.”

He did not know why this artist would paint a portrait of Su Bei.
All he knew was that he had to protect this painting from everyone.

Seeing Wang Yizhi’s expression, everyone was stunned.

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What was going on?

What was happening?

Wang Yizhi said to Zhu Fenfen, “If you destroy this painting, you’ll be a sinner in the history of arts!”

He had always been gentle and considerate to everyone.
At this moment, his stern voice made people shudder.

Zhu Fenfen’s legs turned weak.

Everyone was stunned.
Was there something special about this painting? Who sent it? Why was it so precious?

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Even Song Ruinian could not help but stand up and observe the painting seriously.
He wanted to see which famous artist painted it.
However, after looking at it for a long time, he did not manage to find any clues.
People who did not know anything about arts were all like this.

Wang Yizhi solemnly held the painting and walked up to Su Bei, saying, “Su Bei, this is very precious.
Keep it well.”

Although Wang Yizhi really wanted to buy the painting from Su Bei, he knew that it was not the gentlemanly thing to do to take away something precious from others.
Besides, it was Su Bei’s portrait.

Hence, he held himself back.

Thank you, Mr.
Wang.” With that, Su Bei rolled up the painting and put it in the box.

A distressed look appeared on Wang Yizhi’s face.
He really wanted to take it away and frame it for himself.

Although Su Bei knew that Feng Ze’s paintings were very precious, she did not pay too much attention to the painting.
She simply did not know how to appreciate paintings, and she did not have any artistic talent, so she could not understand the beauty of arts.
More importantly, Feng Ze had often painted for her when she was young.
She was already used to it.

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