’s figure running everywhere.
She could not help smiling.

His short legs did not allow him to run very fast, but he seemed to run into her heart every time.

Then, she heard Gun Gun shouting from the room, “Brother Da Bao, can I sleep with you?”

Lu Heting stood up and looked at his son lovingly.
‘Good boy, there’s a chance that I can marry Su Bei again.’

If Gun Gun and Da Bao shared a room, did that mean that he could finally stay in the same room as Su Bei?

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Su Bei was drinking milk when she suddenly spat it out.
Did Gun Gun want to sleep with Da Bao? Then she and Lu Heting would not have a good excuse to not share a bed.

Then the things that would happen next would be very dangerous, right?

She really did not want to be intimate with Lu Heting anymore in case he got sad and missed her in the future.

Da Bao looked at Gun Gun helplessly.
“I’m used to sleeping alone.”

The expression on Gun Gun’s face cracked as he frowned.

The light in Lu Heting’s eyes dimmed.

Holding the glass of milk in her hand, Su Bei casually took a sip of it.
How could she forget that Da Bao had always been independent and did not like to share a bed with others?

“But Brother Da Bao, Gun Gun wants to sleep with you.
Can I? Brother… Brother…” Gun Gun tugged on the corner of Da Bao’s shirt.

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Da Bao wanted to refuse.
He had never been a soft-hearted person, and he did not have the habit of being considerate to outsiders.

However, when he saw Gun Gun’s expression, he felt a little sorry for him.

This little boy was really capable.
He could always melt his heart.

Lu Heting admired his son’s ability.

Su Bei hoped that her son would be more determined.

For a moment, the four of them were in a deadlock.

Could she still sleep tonight?

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