minate the contract, so she came here today to see if you need anything.”

Lu immediately chimed in, “Oh, that’s right.
Our old house was demolished.
Haha! I didn’t expect it to be demolished.
Su Bei, how much do you need?”

Obviously, Mrs.
Lu was not as good at lying as her son, so her lies did not sound natural at all.

Even so, it was Su Bei’s first time seeing her.
She did not know much about Mrs.
Lu’s personality, so she did not sense anything wrong.

Although Mrs.
Lu was dressed in rather simple attire, her clothes were of good quality.
She must be from a wealthy family.

Su Bei was surprised.
“What a coincidence! Where do you live now?”

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“I have a place to stay,” Mrs.
Lu said hurriedly.

“As you know, Su Bei, they’re from Jingdu City.
They have a lot of houses,” Lu Heting said calmly.

Su Bei thought about it and realized that it made sense.
Many of the older generation in Jingdu City had their own houses.
Many families had two to three houses.
If their house was demolished, the amount of compensation they received was often as high as eight figures.

When she was in the United States, there had been a trainee from Jingdu City as well.
On the day she received the compensation fee after her house was demolished, she resigned from her job and flew back.
She said that she wanted to enjoy life and never work hard again.

From this, it could be understood how much money they received from the company that demolished their houses.

Since it had already come to this point and Mrs.
Lu really liked Da Bao, she did not mind spending some money on Su Bei.

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She took out a card from her bag and said, “There’s ten million yuan in here.
You can let me know if it’s enough.”

Su Bei took it with both hands and bowed solemnly.
“Thank you, Mom.”

Then, she turned around and went to her room.

Lu was a little uncomfortable receiving such a simple thank you.

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