Chapter 305: You Must Apologize

At this moment, the person Lu Heting wanted to see the most was Su Bei.

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His heart was filled with guilt, shame, and also endless joy.
He had the urge to pull Su Bei into his arms but also punish her severely.
How could she have hidden this from him for so long?

He took out his phone and dialed Su Bei’s number.

As soon as it started ringing, he anxiously waited for her to pick up the call.

However, Su Bei did not answer the call.
Even when the beeping tone sounded, he still had not heard her familiar sweet voice.

He called Da Bao twice, but his calls went answered.
Even so, a smile appeared on his face as he thought of Da Bao’s face that resembled his.

‘Su Bei, how are we going to settle this score?’

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At this moment, Su Bei was in Song Ruinian’s office.

Song Ruinian apologized perfunctorily to the entire company for the unfair treatment toward Fang Shaocong and Su Bei.
“It’s all a misunderstanding.
Su Bei, work hard in the future.
The company will make sure to treat you well.”

He could tell that Su Bei had a lot of potential.
Over the past few days, she had attracted millions of fans and many were calling to ask about Su Bei’s schedule.

Even Director Guo had openly asked Su Bei to shoot a movie.
At this moment, Su Bei seemed to be glowing with wealth.

Song Ruinian lowered his head.

He hoped that he could reconcile with Su Bei and make a lot of money with her.

“Director Song, the person you should apologize to the most should be Lv Shan, right?” Su Bei smiled gently and looked at him calmly.

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Song Ruinian smiled.
“Let’s not talk about her.
Let’s talk about the next collaborations.”

“No, let’s talk about Lv Shan first.
Then we can talk about the collaborations,” Su Bei replied with a smile.
She looked gentle and determined.

“Su Bei, if you don’t want these collaborations, there are many others in the company who want them.” The threat in Song Ruinian’s voice was clear.
“Don’t think that you’re the only one who can get those endorsements and collaborations.”

The smile on Su Bei’s face remained.
“It’s okay.
Actually, I’m happy to have some free time anyway.
I want to have a good rest.”

Song Ruinian’s hand froze for a moment.
Some of the endorsement deals had specifically asked for Su Bei.
Song Ruinian had recommended many other female artists, including Su Huixian, to the other parties, but they were not interested.

He did not have many chips to suppress Su Bei now.

Su Bei sat there without moving, her eyes looking gentle but sharp.

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Song Ruinian had no choice but to take out his phone and say, “I’ll message her my apology.”

He could not bring himself to apologize to an employee who had already resigned.

“Okay,” Su Bei agreed.

She felt that the persono the company owed an apology to the most was Lv Shan, not her.
Lv Shan was forced her to resign because of a small matter.
The company owed her an apology.

Song Ruinian had no choice but to send Lv Shan an apology message.

In order to please Su Bei, the cash cow, he had no choice but to tolerate it for the time being.

“Su Bei, these are our most recent collaborations.
We’ll pick some for you.
You should make preparations.” After sending the apology message, Song Ruinian handed the documents to Su Bei.

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“I will.” Su Bei stood up with the documents in her arms.

Her phone rang, and she received a message from Da Bao.

Since Da Bao had met Lu Heting, he naturally needed to tell Su Bei the truth so that she could be mentally prepared.

He guessed that Lu Heting would come looking for Su Bei soon.

Su Bei heard the notification tone from her WeChat, but she was holding a bunch of things in her hands.

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