>“Miss Su, please sign for the shoes.
I’m so sorry.
I almost made a mistake.”

After Su Bei signed her name on the receipt, the man bowed and left.

There were sneers all around the room, and some of the women’s shoulders were shaking.
Obviously, they were trying their best to hold back their laughter, at least for Su Huixian’s sake.


Someone even whispered to her friend and laughed at Su Huixian’s narcissism.

Although their voices were low, Su Huixian still heard their harsh words.

Qiu Minxuan also felt guilty.
“I’m sorry, Huixian.
It’s all my fault.
I spoke too hastily!”

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Su Huixian was so angry that she dug her nails into her palms.

‘Su Bei! Why is it Su Bei again? She always steals my thunder!’

But on the outside, her lips curved up into a gentle smile.
“I’m really sorry, Su Bei.
I didn’t know that it was for you.
I didn’t know that you have such a rich and considerate friend.”

Su Bei smiled at her but said nothing.

Then, she bent down and put on the limited edition shoes.
They fit her feet perfectly.

She stood up and walked a few steps.
The shoes were very comfortable to walk in.

“Everyone, get ready.
Enter the hall when it’s your turn.” A staff member walked in at that moment and gave everyone instructions.
“All the models have two minutes for the first test.
Once you’re done with your turn, you can wait in the lobby.
The name list for the second test will be revealed later!”

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It was just a very brief test that lasted only two minutes.

Soon, it was Su Bei’s turn.
She was well-prepared, and the episode just now had had no effect on her.

She didn’t make any mistakes at all during her turn.

Su Huixian went into the test hall right before Su Bei and came out before her.

After coming out, she saw Su Bei enter the test hall, but the latter did not come out of it after a long time.

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