tives are so inhuman.
They don’t care about the fact at all and insist that we should listen to the company,” Su Bei’s tone could not conceal her sadness.

“Don’t worry.
It will be clarified soon,” Lu Heting comforted her in a low voice.

He held her tightly in his arms.
The girl was incredibly soft when she was drunk, and she didn’t resist his touch.

She had been working for a couple of days, and she was also exhausted.
Nestling in this warm embrace, she closed her eyes in a daze.

It was rare for her to be so weak in front of Lu Heting, so he cherished her more.

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When she fell asleep, Lu Heting called Lu Hang and said, “Pay attention to Lv Shan and protect her from being bullied.”

Since Lv Shan was the one that Su Bei cared about and wholeheartedly helped Su Bei, of course, for the sake of Su Bei, Lu Heting would protect Lv Shan well.

“And set the time at eight o’clock.
Release all the secrets of Fang Shaocong on the website,” Lu Heting ordered.

In the past two days, Lu Heting had collected all the information he needed.

In order to give Fang Shaocong a fatal blow at this moment.

Like the best martial artists in the world of martial arts world, Lu Heting never attacked at will, but once he attacked someone… It would be a death blow.

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On Weibo, Fang Shaocong’s fans were still asking Su Bei to apologize to Fang Shaocong.

Fang Shaocong’s company and the Fang family were all adding fuel to the fire.

Qian Yu Entertainment Company had even issued an apology statement on behalf of Su Bei.

It meant that even Su Bei’s own company had found out what she had done and had to come out to apologize.

The apology from Qian Yu Entertainment Company put Su Bei in the spotlight!

And Su Bei had been cursed all the time.

Her fans couldn’t deal with the comments in such a huge malice.
They were very anxious, but they could do nothing but watch Su Bei’s reputation being ruined.

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