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“Director Song, I’m telling you the truth.
My matter will be clarified soon.
It won’t destroy myself or bring any bad impact to the company.
I hope you can give me more time and opportunity, Director Song.” Su Bei was neither overbearing nor servile, and her attitude was gentle and reasonable.

Her attitude made Song Ruinian feel exasperated.

He didn’t believe what Su Bei said at all.
How could she clarify it? She could solve it?

How could she handle the pressure from all sides?

“Su Bei! What’s wrong with you?”

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Su Bei calmed down and said, “I can solve my problem.”

Seeing that he couldn’t persuade her, Song Ruinian said to Lv Shan, “Lv Shan, make an arrangement! Ask Su Bei to apologize right now! Calm the situation right now!”

Lv Shan said indifferently, “Su Bei didn’t do anything wrong.
I won’t accept this arrangement.”

Song Ruinian and Su Bei looked at Lv Shan in surprise at the same time.

Lv Shan used to be a tough agent in Qian Yu Entertainment Company, because she was a bad tempered woman who only sought profit and rarely cared about the personal feelings of the stars.

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But now, she was totally different.
She supported Su Bei!

Su Bei didn’t expect that Lv Shan would be on her side this time.

“If you are on Su Bei’s side, then you and I and the company, will be the victims!” Song Ruinian was very angry.
He was under great pressure now.
The senior executives of the company were asking about it, and the Fang family was also secretly putting pressure on him.
The company where Fang Shaocong was working in also said that he had to compromise.

It was impossible for him to offend so many people to protect Su Bei, not to mention that he had no personal friendship with Su Bei.
Even Su Huixian had brought the words of the Su family, telling him not to worry about the dignity of the Su family and to do what he should do!

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