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Lu Heting helped Lu Weijian get Da Bao’s IP address.
It could be said that the IP address of Da Bao was very useful for Lu Weijian.

“Brother, you are so awesome! He has the IP address, which means he can directly locate Da Bao’s residence.
In this way, it won’t be difficult to know who Da Bao is!” Lu Weijian really liked this gift!

Only his brother could do that.

“Brother, how about you go with me to see the real face of Da Bao tonight? Maybe we can invite him to our company for cooperation.
No matter which position he is in, he is a talent!”

“No, I’m going home for dinner,” Lu Heting refused firmly.

Compared with meeting a hacker or a game expert, he would rather have dinner with Su Bei.

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In particular, Su Bei’s work was not very smooth today.
He hoped that when she needed him, he would be by her side.

It was not convenient for him to visit her directly, but he could pick her up and have dinner with her.

Lu Weijian spread out his hands and said, “Okay.
Do all the people in love like to hang out with each other?”

“You’ll know when you have a lover,” Lu Heting said flatly.

Lu Weijian was speechless.
Lu Heting’s words hurt Lu Weijian, the single man, so much!

As soon as Su Bei finished her work, she received a message from Fang Shaocong.

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It was the address and room number of a hotel.

He was confident that Su Bei would go.

Even if Lu Weijian supported Su Bei, he didn’t take Lu Weijian seriously.

Gritting her teeth, Su Bei turned off the message.
She was willing to talk to him because she was afraid of bringing trouble to Lu Weijian and Lu Heting.

Now that Lu Weijian was on her side, she didn’t want to talk to this playboy anymore!

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