ssing if I lose my way later.” As soon as Su Bei came in, she walked in the company for a long time to find the office.

This place was too big.
She had thought that she could see Lu Heting when she came here today.

Looking at the internal area of the Lu Group, the probability of her meeting with Lu Heting was probably infinitely close to zero.

“It doesn’t matter.
I’ll go with you,” Lu Weijian said immediately.

“It sounds good.” Su Bei stood up.

Lu Weijian took her out.

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The employees who were gossiping had already looked around.
Many people knew that Lu Weijian had helped Su Bei clarify the matter on the internet last time.
When they heard that Su Bei came to the company today, they all looked at her eagerly.

They were eager to find some big news.

“Sister Bei Bei, this way.” Lu Weijian showed the way to Su Bei.

The employees around them all had an expression of understanding.
Their leader called Su Bei “Sister Bei Bei?”

Weijian, don’t be so formal.
Just call my name,” said Su Bei with a smile.

“No, I can’t do that.” He didn’t dare to ignore his brother.

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“Why not?”

“Because… It’s too polite to call you Miss Su.
And I don’t think it’s appropriate to call you by your name.
Since I called you Sister Bei Bei last time, I’ll continue to call you that.”

“Okay.” Su Bei did not continue to object.

Lu Weijian introduced the company to her, “This place is in perfect order.
In fact, it’s all the credit of the Lu family’s top leader.
Although the company had accumulated a lot of wealth from its original generation, its management concept was somewhat entrenched, which was a little old-fashioned.
It was he who took over the Lu Group and turned the tide, making the company on a more shining road.
Almost everything here is condensed by his painstaking efforts.”

‘Brother, I have praised you like this.
Even if I didn’t make any big contribution, I have done as much as I could.’

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