Chapter 246: Chapter 246 Not Good at Other Aspects

Su Beibei Only Belongs To The Lu Family said, “Da Bao, let’s have a one-on-one fight sometime, okay?”

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“Okay, I’m here for you!” Da Bao was not backward to defend himself.

Su Bei’s eyes lit up.
When could she see the excellent battle between the father and son? But it seemed that Lu Heting had an unfair advantage to defeat Da Bao.

Although Lu Heting and Da Bao didn’t like each other, they still beat their opponents with Su Bei.

“Lu Heting, you’re so handsome!” As soon as Su Bei put down her phone, she couldn’t help praising him.
She always thought Da Bao was perfect, but she didn’t expect that Lu Heting would play better than Da Bao.

“You do me too much honor,” Lu Heting said with a nod.

However, Su Bei’s words gladdened his heart.
He was very happy.

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“Do you often play this game?”

“Not often.” Only when Lu Weijian needed help.

Su Bei admired him even more.
Indeed, he didn’t play it often.
Because he didn’t have this game in his phone.

Although he didn’t play it often, he still had such excellent skills.
He was the real master!

“Do you often play with Da Bao?” Lu Heting asked.

“Not often.

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After all, Da Bao was still a child, so Su Bei was very strict with him.
As a mother, she was very responsible for her son.

If it weren’t for Da Bao’s unwillingness, Su Bei really wanted Da Bao and Lu Heting to meet earlier and cultivate their relationship.

There must be sparks between the two of them when they meet.

Unfortunately, Da Bao… He had a deep feeling for Feng Ze.

Su Bei still remembered the sad looks in Da Bao’s eyes when he knew that Feng Ze was not his biological father.

But Su Bei had never said that Feng Ze was his father.

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With a sigh, Su Bei wondered when Da Bao would change his mind.

Lu Heting thought of the words of Lu Weijian and asked, “Su Bei, Lu… Mr.
Weijian said he wants you to be a game’s ambassador.
Are you interested in it?”

“Yes, yes, yes.
How much is the endorsement remuneration?” Su Bei nodded hard and looked at Lu Heting sincerely.

“I don’t think he will treat you unfairly.
If you are interested in this job, let Lv Shan talk to Mr.

“Okay!” Su Bei nodded and sent a message to Lv Shan.

She just wanted to earn more money as soon as possible.
After all, she didn’t have time to make a detailed career planning in her life.

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Lu Heting could tell that she cared a lot about money.
Perhaps she had experienced a family change and felt insecure.

He didn’t mind himself filling in her sense of security.

The finance department of the game company belonged to the headquarter of the Lu Group, so it would not treat Su Bei shabbily in terms of money.

All of a sudden, Su Bei put down her phone and asked, “Heting, are you sure that Mr.
Weijian thinks I’m the right person to give me this opportunity?”

“Do you think I will practice favoritism?”

Looking at his handsome face, Su Bei shook her head slowly.

Weijian even asked me to persuade you to be the ambassador of this game.
Weijian doesn’t have other abilities, but he has a unique insight in everything related to games and will never make mistakes, including choosing an ambassador.”

Su Bei looked at Lu Heting and asked, “Well, do you think… Do you think that’s a suitable assessment of your boss?”

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