e was very satisfied with this name.

Taking a glance at his account name, Su Bei asked, “Lu Heting, why do you choose such a name?”

She felt a little embarrassed.

“I can’t think of a better one for the time being.
So I want to use this for the time being,” Lu Heting replied.

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After all, this was the best name he could think of.

“Okay, let’s start.
Let’s team up with Da Bao.”

Lu Heting, Su Bei, Da Bao and a stranger named I Will Be The Champion Tonight formed a team and started the game.

Da Bao, on the other side, noticed the name Su Beibei Only Belongs To The Lu Family.
In his heart, he was quite clear that this man might be Xiao Bei’s Lu Heting.

Although he hadn’t met Lu Heting before, he could clearly feel the jealousy and hostility between men.

Da Bao was not very close to his own father.
He frowned slightly and soon started to play the game.

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At the beginning of the game, Gun Gun, who was sitting next to Lu Heting, sat up and touched Lu Heting’s arm.
Gun Gun lost his balance and then the gunshot in the game rang out.

Soon, the enemies around were attracted by the gunshot and rushed over.

The stranger who named I Will Be The Champion Tonight could not help but sneer, “What are you doing? It’s ok that you don’t have enough equipment in the game.
But why did you do this? Are you serious? Can you see my words, Su Beibei Only Belongs To The Lu Family?”

Before he could finish his words, Su Beibei Only Belongs To The Lu Family directly killed the enemy rushing over and said calmly, “It’s my fighting strategy!”

I Will Be The Champion Tonight replied, “Okay, I worship you!” A player like him who could do nothing from the beginning could only watch Lu Heting showing his excellent skills.

Su Bei looked at Lu Heting with delight.
“Wow, you’re awesome! You are so handsome!”

Being praised by his wife, Lu Heting was satisfied, but his face remained calm.

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