Chapter 242: Chapter 242 I Can’t Bear the Risk of Losing Her

Lu watched the news and frowned.

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As a rich lady, she had never been interested in gossip in the entertainment industry.

But it was about her family, so she had to focus on the news.

Although Lu Weijian was not her biological son, she was still concerned about his personal condition.

After reading the news carefully, she found the woman named Su Bei.

In her impression, this name once appeared on the marriage certificate of her son.

Lu came to the company as soon as she could and found Lu Heting.

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“Mom, why are you here?” Lu Heting was dealing with business.

“What’s going on between Su Bei and Lu Weijian?”

Lu Heting didn’t expect that his mother would also watch entertainment news.
He said simply, “Anyway, it’s not Su Bei’s fault.
It’s just that there are people in the industry who want to stir up trouble.
Mom, you don’t know the rules of the entertainment industry, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

“Lu Heting, let Su Bei come home for dinner.” Mrs.
Lu said, “I want to meet her.
So I can take the chance to know her.”

Most importantly, she needed to know Su Bei’s character and persuade her to quit the entertainment industry.

Being Lu Heting’s wife was not only Lu Heting’s own business.
It was about Gun Gun’s future education.
Besides, she was Lu Heting’s wife, the Lu Group’s CEO’s wife.

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As a woman in the entertainment industry, how could she educate her children well? And her identity could not convince the public.

It seemed that Lu Heting had seen through his mother’s mind.
With a serious look on his face, he said, “I can’t let you see each other now.”

“Why?” Mrs.
Lu asked.

“Mom, you will hurt her.
I can’t let you see her,” Lu Heting said bluntly.

Lu’s face darkened and said, “Do you think so of your own mother? Am I such a horrible person in your eyes?”

Realizing that his tone was too harsh, Lu Heting told his mother in a low voice that he had hidden his real identity for the time being.

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Lu was surprised to hear that.
She couldn’t believe that her mature and steady son would do such a thing.

“Son, are you kidding me?”

“It doesn’t matter.
Now that I’ve already made an opening, I can only do this for the time being.” Lu Heting’s voice sounded helpless.
But when he mentioned Su Bei, his eyes looked pampering.
“Mom, I can’t bear any risk of losing her again.”

He would not let that happen, even if the risk might come from his mother.

Lu had never seen her son like this before.

When he was very young, he had already taken over the family business and controlled the Lu Group.
With his own strength, the Lu Group’s business had developed to a higher level.

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He had never cared about love.
Lu was even afraid that he would never marry someone.

Now, Mrs.
Lu felt worried and relieved.

What kind of woman was Su Bei? Why did her son do this?

The point was that her son had loved this woman so much, but this woman hadn’t fallen in love with him yet?

Lu admitted that Su Bei was indeed very beautiful, but beautiful women were everywhere.

She was really afraid that her son would be tricked by this woman!

“Then I’ll leave it to you.
You can deal with it by yourself.” Mrs.
Lu didn’t want to interfere too much with her son’s private things, but her tone was full of worry.

“If you don’t believe in Su Bei, you should also believe in your son’s judgment.” Lu Heting sent his mother out.

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