r company allow you to use their cars to drive others? I mean, is it okay for you to make extra money by turning Mr.
Weijian’s car into a taxi?”

“He agreed to it.”

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As if Lu Weijian would dare to disagree with him.

“Then your company offers you great benefits.
Weijian seems really nice.” Su Bei sighed casually.

As he heard her praising Lu Weijian, Lu Heting pursed his thin lips.
“I’m one of his distant relatives, but he treats me like a brother.”


“I see.”

Then Su Bei fell silent.
She couldn’t help thinking about the test and how it would go.

After a while, Lu Heting spoke again, “Miss Su, where have you been in the past five years?”

Last night, it was the first time he looked for information about her, but to his surprise, he didn’t find anything about her whereabouts in the past five years.
All he could get was her story before she disappeared.

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As the precious daughter of the head of Su family, she had been forced to leave home by her stepmother and sister, and for five years, no one heard of her.

“In the United States.
Actually, I just came back.” Su Bei didn’t see the reason to hide this from him.

Clenching his hands around the steering wheel, Lu Heting’s slender fingers slightly began to turn pale.
When she had decided to send him the divorce agreement at the time, she had done it through someone else for fear that he would find out where she had been living.

“Miss Su, how long do you plan to stay this time?”

“I guess about a year.”

A year? Lu Heting frowned, awfully aware that he didn’t have much time with her.

“And after a year, are you going to leave again?”

Su Bei pursed her red lips.
She had thought a lot about what would happen after a year was gone.
After all, her plan was to find a person to take care of Da Bao when the time came.

Noticing the faint smile on her face as she remained silent, Lu Heting didn’t make any more questions.
Instead, he looked ahead steadily.

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