how you no mercy.”

Feeling the coldness from his brother’s words, Lu Weijian nodded quickly, “Okay, okay.”

After hanging up the phone, Lu Weijian’s car slowly drove towards the hotel.

Su Huixian and Du Luo happened to meet Mr.
Hao, the high-level leader of Gao Sheng Investment Company.

In the past few years, Gao Sheng Investment Company had been well-known in the investment industry.
For the sake of Du Luo’s father, Mr.
Hao came here in person.

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It could be said that it was not an easy thing to meet Mr.
Hao in person, even in the financial industry.
Today, Mr.
Hao came in person and sent a gift to Su Huixian and Du Luo, which made the two feel very happy.

Even the relatives standing around were also complacent.
They were all relatives and friends of Du Luo and Su Huixian.
So Mr.
Hao’s appearance also made them feel proud and privileged.

Su Huixian and Du Luo warmly welcomed Mr.
Hao and personally ushered him in.

Weijian is here!” When Su Huixian and Du Luo came out again, they heard someone saying.

Weijian? Who is Mr.

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Everyone was searching among the names they knew in their minds, but they couldn’t remember who was Mr.
Weijian for a moment.

It occurred to Su Huixian that a few years ago, she had seen a man named Mr.
Weijian from the Lu family two times in a distance on social occasions.

“Is it Lu Weijian?” Su Huixian asked Du Luo softly.

Du Luo’s eyes lit up.

The Du family was already a prestigious family in Jingdu City, but it was no match for the low-key and mysterious Lu Group.

Lu Weijian was the leader of the Lu Group on surface.
Although everyone knew that the important decision was made by a mysterious leader of the Lu Group, Lu Weijian still had a status that could not be underestimated in the Lu family.

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