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Then he dialed Su Bei’s number directly.

In Lin Moli’s house, Su Bei and Da Bao were eating hot pot.

When she was washing vegetables, her cell phone was put in the kitchen.
Lin Yu was in the kitchen to scoop peppers.
When he heard the phone ring, he thought it was his phone and picked it up.

“Hello, may I ask who I am talking to?” Lin Yu asked casually.

Lu Weijian’s face turned pale with fear.
What happened? He heard a man’s voice!

“What’s the matter? Say something.” The phone was caught between Lin Yu’s shoulder and head.
“Xiao Bei! Where is the chili oil? If I agree to eat the hot pot with clear soup again, I’ll be a pig!”

Lu Weijian was so frightened that he hung up the phone in a hurry.

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He finally understood why his brother looked so bad.
His sister-in-law didn’t come back with his brother.
What was more, she was having hotpot with another man!

It seemed that she was in that man’s house!

Who could bear such a blow?

No wonder his brother looked so bad.

Lu Weijian had a hunch that Lu Hang and he would be in trouble.
No, all the people in the Lu Group would be in trouble.

Weijian, didn’t you say you had a solution?” Lu Hang asked.

Lu Weijian shook his head, “I’m at the end of my rope!”

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Lu Hang also got depressed.

The two of them discussed with each other and tried to figure out a way, but they still had to enter the office of Lu Heting slowly.

As expected, the atmosphere in the Lu Heting’s office was strangely subdued.

His dark eyes were bloodshot.
He looked desperate and lonely like a trapped beast.

“Brother, what…what about the documents?” Lu Weijian asked.

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